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Linde Process Plants, Inc.
A Member of The Linde Group
6100 South Yale Avenue
Suite 1200
Tulsa, OK 74136
United States
Phone: 918 477 1200
Fax: 918 477 1100
E-mail: sales@lppusa.com

Helium and Hydrogen Liquefaction

Plants to provide refrigeration or liquefaction at very low temperatures have a very long tradition within Linde. In 1932, Linde delivered the world’s first industrial helium liquefaction plant to the University of Charkov, in the Ukraine. Since that time, more than 500 plants have been built and successfully operated all over the world. In 1999, Linde purchased the Collins helium liquefier line from Chart Industries and Linde Process Plants, Inc. (LPP) continues to manufacture these sturdy machines for use around the world. LPP provides field service and spare parts for all of our systems including the 400 Collins machines whenever and wherever it is needed.

At our cryogenic engineering and manufacturing centers in Switzerland, Germany, and Tulsa, scientists, engineers and technicians are assigned with the design and fabrication of helium liquefiers, refrigerators, compressors and purifiers, hydrogen liquefiers, and custom cryogenic systems. Linde has supplied plants and systems to most of the premier research institutions, laboratories and industrial gas production companies in the world.

For brochures on our standard product line of helium liquefiers and helium refrigerators, please click on the News & Information link on the left column.


He & H2 Liquefaction - Helium Liquefier/Refrigeration Unit

Lower coldbox

The clean and efficient layout of Linde's L1410 and L1610 liquefaction systems can be seen on the link below.

Cryogenics Liquefaction System


He & H2 Liquefaction - Capabilities

Linde provides customers with solutions to meet their specific needs. Our product line spans the entire spectrum of refrigeration and liquefaction requirements. Our offerings include small capacity systems with low-cost, piston-expander technology and sophisticated gas-bearing turbine-expander technology. Linde has also built some of the largest cryogenic helium and hydrogen systems in the world. All systems are provided with the latest in process and controls technologies.

Our customers’ applications range from small recovery and reliquefaction operations at universities, transfill centers, and research labs to large system dedicated plants for accelerators, superconducting magnets, space simulation chambers, and industrial liquid production.

More Linde Helium

He & H2 Liquefaction - New Unit Inquiries

For new unit inquiries, please contact:

Business Unit Manager
Telephone: 918 477 1341
FAX: 918 477 1107
email:New Unit Sales

He & H2 Liquefaction - Replacement and Spare Parts Inquiries

For replacement and spare parts, please contact:

Spare Parts Administrator
Telephone: 918 477 1327
FAX: 918 477 1107
email:Replacement and Spare Parts Inquiries

He & H2 Liquefaction

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